Mr. Shalin Patel ( Com­fort Suites )

Why is it so expensive to maintain lighting? A big part of those costs are having to rent a crane to access the old neon lights in signs or replace frequent guest room fluorescent lighting. Power supplies are typically found in each building hotel channel letter and you need to reach them for servicing. Hence the crane.


One of the big advantages of using Krut led is the power supply can be remote mounted. Now you have accessible lights that are more energy efficient. In the case of Comfort Suites, the power supplies (led drivers) are mounted on the roof so if the need ever arises, they only have to walk onto their roof to access. Shalin Patel added  “before led lights, we had to get a crew out to the hotel with a crane to service building signage, and it was a time consuming to replace channel letter lighting”. So we saved a lot of time and money by upgrading.” Krut led has saved us time and money. And the lighting never fails now.


Mr. Patel and Com­fort Suites saved over $21,000 in the first year. The savings were attributable to the more energy efficient Krut LED lighting system installed within all components of the hotel, in addition to the virtual elimination of maintenance costs. To add to their savings, Comfort Suites & Quality Inn, both 125 and 132 room motels respectively, qualified for a total of $25,000 Green Rebate via their local power company. The rebate helps defray the cost of the upgrade. We did not wish to wait any longer for this impact lighting change — as the majority of the world migrates to led and sets the new bar on power consumption. As a result, we will inevitably see higher per watt power rates, and less green credit for installation moving forward. Aside from that, reducing the commercial and residential demand of energy will earn us all a better environment. Mr. Patels hotels have had building signage, can lights, tube lights, led ceiling tile panels, outdoor floods, colored led uplighting, and much more installed within the hotel meeting space, hotel interior, and parking lot premises. Mr. Patel also stated,


“The most substantial savings on this exercise comes from the CREE branded parking lot pole light retrofit kit, which is seamless to install, superior in performance, and sharp looking. Krut led allowed us to arrest the power hungry HPS & METAL HALIDE 350 W BALLASTS, and bring them to a humble halt.”


If you don’t think a well lit, professional looking LED sign can save your business money, think again.

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