2017 SIL Update: Package LED Market Saw a 3% Uptick in 2016

In 2015, the package LED market took a massive hit due to the drastic price erosions along with harsh exchange rates in most regions. Another reason 2015 was a harsh year for many companies in this space was due to markets that were previously deemed as ‘growth markets’ such as displays and mobile experienced decline. Though lighting grew overall, the declining prices of mid-power and high-power LED packages did not bode well for many companies. Looking at the market situation in 2015, most research companies reported a less than optimistic forecast going forward. However, at Strategies Unlimited we fared on the more optimistic side reporting that such price erosions were not sustainable and that the market should stabilize in the next year or two. And so, in line with our market predications, our preliminary research for 2016 shows that the market may be on its way to some relief. For 2016 the market seems to have grown by 3% when compared to 2015. This must bring some relief to manufacturers since in 2015 the market had declined by 2% when compared to the previous year. Though overall the market seems to be recovering, companies that are increasing their activity in automotive seem to be doing better than those having a larger stake in lighting.

Below is list of the top 15 package LED package companies for 2015 in alphabetical order.

LG Innotek
Mulinsen (MLS)
Osram Opto
Seoul Semiconductor
Toyoda Gosei

We will release our top 10 package LED suppliers for 2016 at our annual Strategies In Light Conference.

Join us this year in Anaheim for our Strategies in Light event, the show with the most up-to-date content discussing the latest trends, advancements, and technologies in the LED and lighting space. You can view the program guide of the conference here: http://bit.ly/2f8BZSM

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