Save Energy and Preserve Natural Resources!

Green & Ecofriendly
LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are extremely high energy efficient chips. It gives directional lights with better illumination. As LEDs are having better lumens at lower power, it reduce energy consumption and at the same time given required light intensity . Most LED lights do not contain carcinogenic substances like mercury making them easier to dispose off.

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Economic & Reliable
LED lighting is best alternative lighting for home, office, factory and outdoor and other uses. Due to long working life and lower running cost, it really economic to use them. It consumes approx. 10% less energy than CFLs and approx. 50% less cost of energy requirement over its life time. More lumens lighting per watt of energy consumed.

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Longlasting & Efficient
Working life of the LED lights is pretty good. Its more then 10 times then CFL and far better in comparision with incandescent lamps. As LED lights do not have filament like element, its working life is very high. Illumination of light very high in LEDs and requires 1/3 or less power compared to CFL/ Incandescent lamps.

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We are #1 on DUKE ENERGY Mid Channel Program for 2016.


We Pass upfront rebate to our Duke Energy, SCE&G, Georgia Power, Dominian Power, AEP Customers.

About Us

Krut Systems LLC is an LED lighting company catering to a wide range of residential and commercial customers, and customers with special lighting needs. We provide unique and high quality lighting solutions to our customers with a broad spectrum of LED lighting products. We respond immediately to the changing needs of the customers and introduce new products with functional and contemporary designs. We have a reputation for excellence and offer complete peace of mind with our certified and premium quality products at competitive prices. At Krutled, we are a team of highly experienced lighting professionals focused on delivering best in class customer service. We pride ourselves for being client-focused, professional and high-quality LED lighting solutions provider.

Our Work

LED Canopy Light

LED Shoebox Light

Why Us?

We are team of technical people having knowledge of lights and its usage. We are focussed to provide best possible solution for their lighting and related needs. Our careful study of customer requirement helps us to provide best cost effective, energy efficient solutions. We also have partnered with power companies for available rebate to valued customers. In general we provide 360 degree solution to our clients for their lighting needs.

We have an experienced team of professionals, who are capable of delivering projects of any size and complexity. We are flexible in our approach and consider every problem a challenge and an opportunity to gain new insights.

Our customers expect us to provide the best Products and service at all times, our aim is to exceed their expectations. We only offer Best in class genuinely certified products for every needs. We have commitment to excellence in customer service and our focus is to build long-term relationships with our customers.

Like every organization, we concentrate upon building our strengths & core competencies and to overcome our failures. Due to our expertise in understanding Lighting needs and suggesting best in class solutions, it helps us to focus more on Certified products, its efficiency and return on investment for our clients, we have been able to build good repeated customer base. We believe that our commitment to our customers will help us realise our vision in the short and long term.

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